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Successful audit results – validity prolongation of certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 oraz PN-N 18001


As a result of audit performed by one of the certifying units - TUV Nord, Energomontaż-Południe SA obtained prolongation of certificates of compliance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PN-N 18001 within the range of complete executions, assemblies, repairs and modernizations of boilers, turbines and other power and industrial devices, manufacturing of steel structures, supporting and technological structures, pressurized tanks and piping, material testing, measurement devices calibration and trainings.

Energomontaż-Południe SA - iso 9001 Energomontaż-Południe SA - PN-N 18001Energomontaż-Południe SA - iso 14001


This year's audit has been conducted in a complex and thorough way in every possible scope of Company's activity.


The audit begins a new, 3-year validity cycle of our certificates - another audit must take place during the next 12 months to keep certificates validity.


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